Why did Talyard choose Deutsche?

Join Marlowe Parker, President of Deutsche Beverage + Process and Keith Teague, one of the owners of Talyard Brewing, as they discuss Talyard’s exciting brewing project. Discover the passion behind Talyard Brewing’s mission and the unique inspiration that led them to embark on this journey. 

Hi, I’m Marlowe Parker, President of Deutsche. I’m here with Keith Teague, one of the owners of Tail Yard Brewing who’s got this beautiful brew house behind us. So, Keith, tell us about this project and what’s going on.

Well, we were super excited to walk in here Sunday. We kind of snuck in, felt like little kids on Christmas morning, getting ready to see this, this, this 20 barrel system and can’t wait to actually brew on it in terms of where we’re at. About four months into construction, we should have the production building up and able to receive this equipment in. The fourth quarter? Looking to commence retail operations in June of next year.

To be a part of this project for sure. So what inspired you and your team to to get into the brewing?

With beer drinkers, passionate, passionate beer drinkers and actually Chuck, he and his wife and and my wife, we’ve been great friends for gas 22 years now.

That’s a great reason.

We’ve been next door neighbors for the last 17 and 13 grandkids between us and, and really all of the backyard. Activities, you know, parties a lot of time with great beer in the backyard, great craft beer in the backyard. And so that’s a that’s something we wanted to recreate. There’s really nothing there. There’s nothing in in, in Sugar Land anyway like this and. So we’re it’s a family pet, friendly family friendly backyard vibe that we’re looking to create. The Brewer actually, Sean Maloney, who really worked closely with Tyler in the design of the system, was a high school friend of our sons and was brewing in the Pacific Northwest. And so we would see him on holiday. When he was back visiting parents in these backyard settings and and talk about beer and. It was the idea was literally the genesis. Was over beers in the backyard so.

So what was important to you when you were shopping for brewing equipment?

Right out of the bat or out of the gate, as Chuck and I started and kind of leaning into it, we came across actually, no, Brad Bramlett reached out to us through BA. We had joined as a brewery and planning, and so he took the initiative and reached out to us and offered. You know, kind of helping assistants, and we were talking about trying to finalize or you know, conceptually finalize square footage and layout inside the production building. And he worked with us very closely in sizing his system. You know, just, you know, layout concept guidance so. From the beginning, we had, you know, Deutsche had had done this. This outreach to us and Brad was great to work with and we didn’t spend much time looking at other equipment. Actually after that we we we did some. You know, high level price comparison and just the relationship that we had already formed with Brad. There was nothing in the market you know to sway us away from.

That question was going to be why Deutsche. But I think you just answered that. So we look forward to seeing your grand opening. In in roughly a year.

To that also, yeah.

Well, thank you so much for your. Time and your partnership.

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