Deutsche Beverage Technology Team CBC 2021

The Craft Brewer’s Conference 2021 | Denver, CO

The Craft Brewers Conference was back in action for 2021, and our team at Deutsche Beverage were thrilled to be a part of it once again.  While the pandemic made life difficult, it definitely didn’t stop innovation in the beer and beverage industries, which was immediately evident when the conference kicked off on September 9.  There was much to be seen, shared and of course, sipped… but in an effort to avoid a reputation for long-winded blogging, we’re just going to touch on a few of our favorites.

home state brewing company

If there was one group as excited as us to be at CBC 2021, it was Colin and Marco of Home State Brewing Company.  They displayed their new, eye-catching 15bbl, 3-vessel system.  In case the smiles in this photo don’t give it away, they were quite thrilled to showcase the beast that will have a place of honor in their soon-to-open brewery, in Winter Garden, Florida.  We’re looking forward to seeing these guys again. If you’re in the area, be sure to check in with Colin and Marco.  If you aren’t, you can still show them some love on Instagram.

Another shining star of the event was our seltzer skid, which made its debut at CBC.  It was our first time seeing it in all its glory too.  The skid is sure to be a hit due to its relatively small size and its budget-friendly price tag.  That investment also, of course, includes the expertise of the Deutsche brand.  We can’t wait to see what great flavor combinations are accomplished with the built-in infusion vessel.

7bbl combination brewhouseWe can’t overlook the 7bbl combination brew house that’s headed to Dallas, Texas for use in our corporate headquarters’ Middleby Innovation Kitchen.  If you missed CBC, you may still be able to check out this beauty, as customers will be able to see it in action in the showroom.

Marcus from Weathered Souls– Black is BeautifulThis blog post wouldn’t be complete without calling attention to the guy pictured here.  Marcus is the brewer at Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio, Texas.  However, his renown in the beer industry runs much deeper, as many of our readers already know.  In interviews, Marcus has regularly mentioned his love for the feeling of camaraderie within the brewing industry, but you can be sure that much of that can be attributed to Marcus himself.  His open-source side project—Black is Beautiful—brought millions together for a greater good.  He boldly made his own recipe free for the taking, with only the stipulation that proceeds were donated to the cause.  What started as a very small and intimate community of brewers quickly, and organically spread to encompass beer lovers from all over the country and the world.  The sense of camaraderie that he loves grew to new, and more inclusive levels because of his efforts.  He also earned his spot on the board for the Brewer’s Association.

Deutsche Beverage Technology Team CBC 2021The equipment at CBC is remarkable, and Deutsche Beverage is proud to be a part of that, but it always comes down to the people—the owners, the brewers, the customers, and the innovators.   Until next year, CBC!