seltzer beverage skid

Seltzer: Serving Something Special with Deutsche Beverage

Take the malted grain out of the fermentation process and you are left with clear alcohol.  Carbonate that, and you have one of the greatest trends of 2021.  Hard seltzers are flying off the shelves, as more and more people embrace the highly customizable, low-cal, easy-sipping beverage.  For millions, hard seltzers provided a solution to the problem of not liking beer.  While wine coolers had their day, many people did not particularly care for the sweetness overload but also didn’t want the hoppy flavor of IPAs.  With seltzer, they have received the answer to their wishes—a perfect cooler beverage in an array of tongue-tantalizing tastes. Better yet, seltzer doesn’t come with the connotation that wine coolers carried.  Even the manliest among us doesn’t have to feel bad cracking a can of seltzer.

Adding the Flavor

This is where Deutsche Beverage’s 3.5 bbl Seltzer Skid comes into play.  A Kettle-Whirlpool Vessel and dual-stage heat exchanger are outfitted with SIEMENS controls and are paired with an infusing vessel.  The infusion system is a stroke of ingenuity that is making seltzer brewing even more beautiful.  Whether you’re trying to achieve a straightforward lime seltzer or trying to be extra creative by coming up with unusual flavors like cayenne and cucumber, you can simply add the fruits, vegetables, spices, or cannabis to the infusion chamber.  A v-wire removable basket holds your flavorful additions in a fully contained vessel that prevents the risk of oxidation.

Even More Highlights

Of course, the added flavor is just one of many components that come together to create a spectacular seltzer.  Deutsche had all of that in mind when crafting this skid.

As always, Deutsche wants to ensure that you can produce the perfect brew, and we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all operation.  Even the seltzer skid comes with personalization, including three different heating options.  The Kettle-Whirlpool Vessel can be outfitted with steam–, indirect fire–, or electric heat sources. 

Yet another of the many benefits of this seltzer system is the filter canister, which can give you complete control over clarity.  Filtering pre– or post-infusing will ensure removal of unwanted particulate, dependent on desired flavor and clarity profile.

Finally, when the batch is done, there is the matter of clean up.  There always seems to be an abundance of willing cooks in the kitchen, but when it comes time to take care of the mess, the number of eager hands dwindles drastically.  It’s a good thing that the sanitary piping system of the seltzer skid is a completely enclosed, purgeable system.  It prevents oxidation, keeps all processes contained, and makes cleaning a simple and straightforward chore.

So, we say sip up seltzer lovers!  This is a carbonated craft that is here to stay, and Deutsche is able to ensure that your favorite brewer has all the tools to concoct even more cans filled with the crisp cool that you love.