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Liability Brewing Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary with Remarkable Growth and Innovation

Liability Brewing, is a beloved local brewery in Greenville, South Carolina. They are preparing to mark their five-year anniversary this summer, celebrating half a decade of success, growth, and innovation. What began as casual homebrewing sessions among friends has blossomed into a thriving establishment known for its award-winning craft beers and unique taproom experience. The journey started in 2017, born out of the friendship between Terry, and Dustin. They would gather on each other’s back porches, enjoying craft beers and sharing stories. Inspired by their passion for craft beer, Terry and his neighbor, Dustin, decided to rekindle their interest in homebrewing and embarked on their brewing venture. The early stages of Liability Brewing involved the duo experimenting with homebrewing techniques and recipes. As they brewed, shared stories, and enjoyed a few beers, the idea of opening a brewery took root, and became a reality when they opened their doors in 2018. Fast forward six years, and Liability Brewing stands as a testament to their vision and hard work.

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The brewery’s ethos revolves around the idea that life needs a liability. This notion stems from the hilarious and often embarrassing stories shared during those homebrewing days. It emphasizes the importance of taking risks, embracing fun, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. With this philosophy, Liability Brewing aims to provide a laid-back and enjoyable experience for its patrons. Over the years, Liability Brewing has undergone significant transformations. Initially, it operated primarily as a taproom, serving a limited distribution area. The brewery now maintains a more balanced approach, with taproom sales and an expanded distribution footprint throughout South Carolina. To keep up with the growing demand and changing aspirations, Liability Brewing has continuously expanded its production capacity and added a Wild Goose canning system. Starting with just three fermenters and a bright tank, the brewery has progressively added fermentation capacity each year. Currently, they are anticipating the arrival of two new Deutsche lagering tanks, further boosting their production capabilities.


One area of particular excitement for the brewery is their exploration of innovative and creative products. Head Brewer Jared Tuttle cut his teeth working with renowned Greenville brewer Tom Davis and has continued a tradition of innovative beer development at Liability. Currently focusing on developing variations of their core brands and experimenting with different flavors. Notably, their flagship IPA, “Mortal Wombat,” has received tremendous appreciation from their customer base. Additionally, Liability Brewing has garnered recognition for their Belgian beers, such as the award-winning “Feral Garden Gnome.” Coming off their 2023 World Beer Cup win in the International Light Lager category with “Ultra Secret Enigma” and responding to changing customer preferences, the brewery is eager to expand its lighter offerings. Recognizing the growing demand for crisp and refreshing beers, Liability Brewing has invested in additional horizontal lagering tanks to pursue their passion for brewing a wide range of lagers.


Liability Brewing’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship extends to its unique approach to seltzers. In response to customer requests for ciders or wines, the brewery decided to create seltzers that stood out from the crowd. Rather than using artificial flavors, they employ a process of back sweetening with real fruit, resulting in vibrant and flavorful seltzers that have gained popularity among both seltzer enthusiasts and beer lovers. The success of Liability Brewing can be attributed not only to their exceptional beers but also to their efficient brewing equipment and systems.


Why Deutsche?

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Liability purchased a Deutsche Brewing System for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the location of the brewing system supplier played a significant role in their decision. Liability values working with local suppliers whenever possible, and the fact that Deutsche Beverage + Process was only an hour and a half away in Charlotte, North Carolina was highly advantageous. This proximity allowed for easy access to the supplier’s showroom and equipment, facilitating in-person discussions and assessments. Additionally, the supplier’s ability to visit Liability’s space and provide customized solutions based on their specific requirements was a key selling point. The convenience and flexibility offered by the local location greatly influenced Liability’s decision to choose the Deutsche Brewing System.

Liability was impressed by the supplier’s outstanding reputation. Terry, who was involved in the purchasing decisions, extensively researched various equipment manufacturers and sought recommendations from other brewers and breweries. Repeatedly, Deutsche Beverage’s name came up in conversations, with gratified customers expressing their contentment with the equipment and the manufacturer’s relationship-oriented approach. This positive feedback from industry peers solidified Liability’s confidence in the Deutsche Brewing System and further bolstered their decision to select this supplier.


Another crucial factor in Liability’s decision was the philosophy of the supplier. Deutsche’s willingness and capability to accommodate customization requests was highly valued by Liability. As Jared mentioned, Liability faced specific challenges with low ceilings and an unconventional space. The supplier’s ability, flexibility, and openness to tailoring equipment to fit Liability’s needs without imposing rigid limitations were major advantages. This alignment with Liability’s own philosophy of customization and adaptability made the Deutsche an attractive choice.


Moreover, Liability appreciated the exceptional support and assistance provided by the staff at Deutsche. They consistently had positive experiences during their interactions, whether it was troubleshooting over the phone or having the supplier’s team visit their location for evaluations and guidance. The knowledgeable and helpful nature of the Deutsche’s people left a lasting impression on Liability, further strengthening the trust and rapport between the two parties. This exceptional level of support and dedication to customer satisfaction contributed significantly to Liability’s decision to purchase the Deutsche Brewing System.


Liability mentioned that Deutsche’s values and approach align with their own philosophy. Liability recently obtained B Corp status, indicating their commitment to local communities, employees, and responsible business practices. Deutsche focuses on customization, customer support, and relationship-building resonated with Liability’s core values, reinforcing the alignment between the two organizations.


Expansion of Brewing Operation

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The addition of new equipment has not only increased production capacity but also improved efficiency and consistency in the brewing process. One notable enhancement to Liability Brewing’s equipment is the inclusion of a 15-barrel mash tun on their 10-barrel brewhouse. The mash tun plays a crucial role in the beer production process by combining malted grains with hot water to extract sugars and create the wort, which serves as the foundation for fermentation. With an upsized mash tun in place, the brewery can brew larger batches of beer, enabling them to meet the rising demand from both their taproom and distribution channels.


In addition to the upgraded mash tun, Liability Brewing invested in a Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and a Cold Liquor Tank (CLT). These tanks allow for precise control of water temperatures and supply during the brewing process. The HLT is responsible for heating water to specific temperatures required for mashing, sparging, and cleaning, while the CLT ensures the availability of cold water for cooling, knockout and other brewing needs especially with automation features such as blending and auto knockout. The integration of HLT and CLT systems enables the brewery to maintain consistency in their brewing process and achieve the desired flavor profiles for their beers.


Efficiency and productivity have also been improved with the addition of fermentation vessels and bright tanks. By investing in additional fermentation vessels, Liability Brewing can increase their batch sizes and produce a greater variety of beers. This flexibility enables them to experiment with new flavors and variations, keeping their offerings fresh and exciting for their customers. The increased fermentation capacity also ensures a steady supply of their popular core brands and provides the opportunity to introduce limited edition and seasonal releases. Furthermore, the bright tanks play a crucial role in the beer production process, as they are used for conditioning, carbonating, and clarifying the beer before it is kegged or served on tap. This attention to detail contributes to the overall drinking experience and ensures that each pint served meets the brewery’s high standards.

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Liability Brewing’s ongoing investment in brewing equipment aligns with their commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving preferences of their customers. The expanded capacity and improved efficiency provided by the upgraded equipment allow the brewery to keep up with the increasing demand for their craft beers while maintaining the exceptional quality and consistency that their patrons have come to expect.


The growth and advancements in their brewing equipment serve as a testament to their dedication to the craft of brewing and their commitment to providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for beer enthusiasts. With a solid foundation of equipment in place, the brewery is well-positioned to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new flavors, and creating unique brews that captivate the taste buds of their ever-expanding customer base.

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