Project engineers walking around a custom-designed brewhouse during installation for Deutsche Beverage, a leading beverage company. The image showcases the expertise and attention to detail of the engineers as they oversee the installation process of the state-of-the-art brewhouse equipment.

Make your expansion plans a team effort

The moment a successful business begins to consider growing, it’s often hit with a wide range of emotions. Elation and joy are as common as nervousness and trepidation. Growth, after all, is change, and we all know that change can be downright difficult.

Dedicated to Craft Beverage

            For beverage companies  ­­–  including breweries, distilleries, and coffee shops – charting a growth trajectory usually means expanding their product offerings. A brewery, for instance, might want to ramp up the production of its best-selling pilsner or start brewing IPAs. A distillery might want to offer different liquors. A coffee shop might want to jump headlong into the fast-growing cold coffee market. A cannabis company might want to begin offering infused products.

            Here’s where things can get complicated, and it’s here where business owners can be hit by the wave of conflicting emotions. Between obtaining local and state permits, purchasing additional manufacturing space, perfecting the taste and packaging of the product, hiring carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, or bringing on additional staff the whole process may seem overwhelming. Sometimes the idea of growth seems so daunting that businesses become paralyzed by the possibilities.

            But before heads begin to spin and the prospects of growth seem too soul-crushing, it’s important to remember a solution exists.

How Deutsche Can Help

            Over the years, thousands of beverage companies have leaned on Deutsche Beverage Technology to guide them through projects that deliver automated systems capable of streamlining their entire processes, increasing efficiencies, and accelerating growth. Deutsche’s team of experienced engineers and project managers are well-versed in how to help a company achieve its expansion objectives while keeping emotions at bay.

            What makes the Deutsche team the most coveted in the industry is their remarkable ability to envision and see to the completion of customized programs capable of meeting the scope of any business’s processes, budget, and goals.

            “People often come to visit us first before starting on an expansion project,” said Fred Nixon, Northeast Sales Manager for the Charlotte, N.C.-based Deutsche Beverage Technology. “We’ll have a very detailed front-end conversation with them. We help them determine what their budget is, what it will be in the future, to better define their goals, and really figure out what they want the final product to be.”

            Nixon points to an example in the coffee industry that illustrates the level of planning and detailed consultation that Deutsche is capable of.          

  “Let’s say there’s a business that wants to start producing cold-brewed coffee,” Nixon said. “They will ship their coffee to us, and we’ll use their coffee to run tests through the entire production process. We’ll help them to dial in their recipe by testing different temperatures, and steep times, and get a sample of their final product out the door. Once we know where they want to end up, we work in conjunction with them to put together a detailed plan that allows them to consistently hit the flavor profiles and meet the specific goals they have determined.”

Deutsche’s involvement doesn’t end there.

            On each project, regardless of size, Deutsche deploys a team of engineers to the site, offering complete project management that includes oversight of everything the growing facility requires. Combined, the Deutsche team has more than 100 years of industry specific experience. Deutsche has electrical, mechanical, structural, and chemical engineers each ready to provide input and guidance in their specific areas of expertise.  

            The Deutsche team is also involved in training employees on the newly installed equipment. It’s a one-stop project management solution, giving growing businesses access to an entire engineering team that ensures efficiency and compliance. More importantly, Deutsche’s team streamlines the entire process and eliminates the negative emotions that can accompany a large project.

Engineering and Project Management expertise

            Deutsche’s engineering and project management expertise has been put to use across a wide range of specialty beverage lines from small to large. From cold coffee to cannabis, from beer to bourbon. No matter the size and scope of the project, every client is given a first-class, customized, white-glove treatment.
            “We’ve done this on projects big and small,” Nixon said, “from small start upoperations to some of the biggest names in the beverage industry. But the size of the project doesn’t determine how we approach it. Every customer of ours is given the same high-level treatment. That makes us much more than just an equipment supplier.”