Deutsche Does Distilleries

There are many who may recognize the Deutsche brewhouse setups in breweries like NoFo Brew Co. in Cumming, GA. However, what may come as a bigger surprise are the NoFo distillery set-ups bearing the Deutsche name.  Deutsche distillery equipment can be found in high end craft distillery operations including Liberty Pole Spirits, Waterbird Spirits, Red Boot Distillery, and we’ve even assisted in the establishment of the Appalachian State Fermentation Science Program Lab (Check out this info on their Summer Brewing Short Course).

In addition to the projects above, we’re very excited about the work we’ve been doing with Urban District (UDM).  The LaBaratory will be the first combination soju distillery and craft brewery in the US. It’s about time the sweet potato was recognized for its true versatility!

Although Deutsche has long been associated with craft beer brewing installations, the capabilities of our top-notch engineering team certainly don’t stop there.  We’ve helped numerous distilleries and brewstilleries establish fully customized installations that allow for precision brewing and distilling.

Craft distillation is a growing industry and one that shows great promise as pop-ups around the nation, and the world continue to put out spectacular liquors and liqueurs. In 2006, there were fewer than 100 US distilleries.  Today, there are more than 2,000. It certainly helps that recent legislation is more in favor of “craft moonshine”.  Minnesota and Florida, for example, have very recently been in the news for their loosening of laws regarding the distribution of spirits. The Minnesota House of Representatives relaxed state liquor laws which will allow craft distilleries in that state to sell direct to customers.  This is following a trend being seen throughout the nation.  As the law makers bend, there will be more room for the creative interpretations in the liquor industry that have already been seen and enjoyed, for years, in the craft beer space. Because even the small distillery will be able to craft, bottle, and serve in a single location – no outsourcing necessary.

Much like with wine, the concept of distillery tours has really taken off.  Organizations like Distillery Trail provide free distillery tour route maps in the US and abroad, including a popular map of Mexican crafts. (Are you looking for some tour stops right here, in North Carolina?  Check out their NC list!)

If you are considering a start-up operation or a shift from brewing to distilling, Deutsche can assist with equipment such as mash houses, fermentation tanks, stills, and more. We know we have great product and great service, but you don’t have to believe us.  Let the product speak for itself; check out what the great distilleries like Company Distilling, Ranch Rider, Newport Distillery, and Rod & Hammer are producing with Deutsche Equipment! We offer custom engineering, safety compliance, layouts, equipment modeling, process flows, and infrastructure.  We’re just a call away.