Cutting Edge CIP Skid from Deutsche Beverage + Process

Excited to introduce our new cutting-edge custom, automated CIP (clean in place) skip, a revolutionary cleaning system designed to optimize equipment cleaning operations in food processing plants, breweries, distilleries, and more. This skid-based cleaning solution offers a range of benefits that will transform your facility’s cleaning process. This 2 Circuit 4 Vessel CIP is specifically engineered for large tanks and comes in various sizes to accommodate any application. The video provides a closer look at the key components that make this system user-friendly and perfect for your facility.

What we have here is a 2 Circuit 4 vessel CIP. This is great for your cellar operation cleaning, food processing plants, really anything that you know you’re trying to save money on your cleaning process in your facility. Good for, you know, big large tanks and we have several different versions, different sizes that will meet any application that you guys could. Kind of give you just a quick look at some of the main components that make this skid very user friendly and great for your facility, automated chemical feeding. So obviously chemicals are very big expense in a facility. Well, we have a a monitoring system that will pump the exact amount required. So during your CIP. Process we will dose. The correct chemical usage saving on those. This being two circuit actually allows an operator to clean two tanks at one time and it’s fully automated, so the system actually knows what stage it’s at and when when it’s going to move to that next stage. So instead of waiting on your operator to do the next step, the system smart enough, it’ll actually do it automatically. Much saves on Operation Time and keeps those tanks in production use versus cleaning. Use really saving, you know. Capacity and not having to buy more tanks to meet production demand, you can save time. By having an automated CIP. Another nice feature 4 vessel, so having multiple chemical and recovery tanks means that we can reclaim water during the process and actually reuse it for rinse steps. So then we’re going to take that water usage down, which obviously is a big usage in a food processing or beer facility. Which is great. All Siemens controls very robust, reliable and then we have the ability to remote in and provide updates and service remotely so nobody has to show up and and. Service your unit. Look at at the pump system here. SO2 pumps for the two stages, but we actually have two additional pumps that aren’t shown presently here that we put in. Field and that’s what actually returns the fluids back to the process during the cleaning cycle. So that way this kid can be located in one area, but your selling tanks can be further away and it allows the full closed loop system to function properly. And those pumps are actually a liquid ring design which is specifically designed for. The IP you know there’s other versions out there from different people that don’t necessarily use that, and it makes it harder for the IP to actually properly function during that cleaning process. Some other really just nice things. You know, we use Endress Hauser flow meters. So we’re getting the exact flow rate. And then on the backside we use. I FM temperature. Probes so that. Lets us know during the cleaning steps that that set point temperature is being met. You know, it’s a very critical step for say. Like an FDA regulated facility. They’re going to want that. Data and we’re recording it in our PLC control for future lookup and trending and use. Steam heated. So you. Know going to send. Hot water out to our tanks, you. Know we have the steam. So it’s very fast, reactive and it’s going to maintain those temperatures that are required during our procedures to clean. Thanks for watching for any needs for your CIP cleaning skids. Give us a shout. You know, obviously these work great. For Brewery, Distillery, Cold Brew coffee and any food processing facility, thank you.

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