Contract Canna and Deutsche Beverage + Process:

A Partnership for Innovation and Growth in Infused Cannabis Beverages

Contract Canna’s Story & History

  Contract Canna collaborates closely with brands, dispensaries, and cultivators to enhance, diversify, and elevate their consumable cannabis products. As contract manufacturers of cannabis-infused products, their comprehensive services encompass everything from full-scale production to canning and more, ensuring top-notch quality for their clients. Contract Canna also has its own line of cannabis consumables.

In the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, Contract Canna stands out as a pioneering adult-use cannabis license holder in Illinois. As they mark their first year of operational success since their launch in October 2022, this innovative company has entered the cannabis market with a bang. Their distinct approach to product development, particularly in the realm of beverages, has been a major part of their success. Ben Dreyfuss, Founder & CEO, graciously shared insights into the trending Infused Beverage market and how Contract Canna is diligently staying ahead of the curve.

New and Innovative Products

When it comes to innovation, Contract Canna has its eyes set on the high-dose market. Recognizing the growing demand for high-dose cannabis products, the company is gearing up to launch 100-milligram sodas. As a partner with CQ Beverages, they are handling the co-packing for their new line of 100mg Infused Beverages. These high-potency sodas are designed to cater to the preferences of discerning cannabis consumers and promise to be a game-changer in the market. What sets these sodas apart is not just the potency, but also the unique packaging, featuring fully digital printed cans and eye-catching gold elements to distinguish different dosage levels. Contract Canna’s commitment to offering diverse and differentiated products has earned them a dedicated following in Illinois and beyond.

Deciding on Production Goals

Setting goals and production aspirations is no small feat, especially in a rapidly changing industry like cannabis. For Contract Canna, the journey began with a careful assessment of the Illinois market’s size and potential. Drawing inspiration from more mature markets like California and Massachusetts, the company set its sights on offering a wide range of high-quality, creative cannabis products. The decision to focus on beverages was driven by a desire to introduce unique and complementary options to consumers, moving beyond the usual offerings in the market. Contract Canna’s goal is to provide a menu of products that dispensaries can’t resist, offering something for everyone and simplifying choices for consumers

Contract Canna's Equipment

Contract Canna’s partnership with Deutsche Beverage + Process has played a crucial role in achieving its production goals. The decision to invest in Deutsche’s state-of-the-art beverage equipment has paid off in many ways. Initially, the company started with a 310-gallon mixing setup and a couple of carbonation tanks, along with the comprehensive skid provided by Deutsche. This setup has allowed Contract Canna to produce a wide variety of cannabis beverages efficiently and seamlessly. The flexibility of the equipment, such as the ability to handle high carbonation levels, has been instrumental in developing products that resonate with consumers. This flexibility empowers the company to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the cannabis beverage market. Contract Canna uses a 310-gallon infused beverage skid with these features: 310-gallon jacketed mixing vessel with built-in electric heaters, (2)310-gallon carbonation tanks, 100L infusion basket (tilting hop infuser), and automated controls. Due to their continued success, Contract Canna is currently in the process of adding more Deutsche brite tanks to their current system. The ability to easily scale and customize their system makes it easy for them to expand production as the business grows.

Why Deutsche Infused Beverage Equipment?

After extensive research and exploration, the company decided on Deutsche Beverage + Process. The decision was not just about the equipment itself but also about the ongoing support and partnership offered by Deutsche’s in-house engineering team, account managers, and automation team. The ability to have open and informative conversations with their equipment supplier, well beyond the initial purchase, was invaluable. This level of engagement allowed Contract Canna to learn and adapt continuously, resulting in a more efficient and productive operation. Ben noted how much they appreciated having a dedicated engineer/project manager for their equipment, this allowed them to understand the capabilities of the system and how to maximize the efficient production of their products.

Industry Challenges

Like any company in the cannabis industry, Contract Canna has faced its fair share of challenges. From navigating complex regulations to managing unexpected events, every obstacle has been a learning experience. The team’s ability to adapt and find solutions quickly has been crucial in overcoming these challenges. As the industry continues to evolve, staying compliant and resilient remains a top priority. Ben spoke to the underestimation of the cost and complexities of piping their system. This was a common point of stress for many of Deutsche’s customers, which is why Deutsche offers sanitary process piping services to all their customers.

Future of Contract Canna

 Looking ahead, Contract Canna is poised for a future filled with growth and innovation. With plans to expand its storage capacity and introduce even more high-dose products to the market, the company’s commitment to meeting consumer demands is unwavering. As they continue to collaborate with existing partners and explore opportunities to work with successful cannabis beverage brands from other states, Contract Canna is set to make a lasting mark on the cannabis industry.

In an industry as dynamic and competitive as cannabis, Contract Canna’s story is a testament to the power of innovation, commitment to quality, and strategic partnerships. As they chart a course for the future, one can only anticipate more exciting developments and groundbreaking products from this pioneering company.

Contract Canna and Deutsche Beverage + Process

In the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, Contract Canna stands out as a pioneering adult-use cannabis license holder in Illinois. As they mark their first year of operational success since their launch in October 2022, this innovative company has entered the cannabis market with a bang.

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