BrauBeviale: The Brewing Industry's Premier Showcase

  BrauBeviale, the world’s leading trade show for the brewing industry, is a vital annual event that offers a deep dive into the latest developments and innovations in the world of brewing. Taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, a region steeped in brewing history, BrauBeviale is a must-attend event for professionals from all facets of the brewing industry. Whether you are contemplating starting a brewery, running a brewpub, managing a nano, micro, or macro brewery, or simply looking to stay updated with the industry’s most recent advancements, BrauBeviale is where it all unfolds.

Who Benefits from BrauBeviale?

BrauBeviale is an inclusive event that welcomes anyone connected to the brewing industry, including aspiring brewers, existing brewery personnel, and those exploring equipment upgrades or replacements. The show, renowned for its extensive reach, attracts industry professionals, trade visitors, and exhibitors from over 135 countries. This diverse audience makes it an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange, idea sharing, and staying abreast of brewing’s ever-evolving landscape.

Why Visit the DBT EU Booth at BrauBeviale?

One exhibitor that deserves special attention at BrauBeviale is DBT EU. Located in Hall 7, Stand 7-524, DBT EU is the European division of Deutsche Beverage + Process, a global leader in sanitary processing equipment. They provide a dependable partnership for those in pursuit of a tailored, comprehensive brewing or processing solution. Specializing in automated turn-key systems, DBT EU caters to innovators in Craft Beer, Craft Spirits (distilling), Seltzer, Coffee, Kombucha, Infused Beverages, Chemical, Pharma/Nutraceuticals, and more.

The significance of DBT EU at BrauBeviale cannot be overstated. Their custom-designed equipment, crafted by industry expert engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in processing equipment, ensures optimal efficiency, value, consistency, and reliability. DBT EU’s presence at the show is a golden opportunity to explore proven systems that generate award-winning products. Their reputation as a global leader in craft brewing equipment makes them a must-see at the event.

What to Expect at the DBT EU Booth?

At the DBT EU booth, you’ll be able to view and discuss details about their equipment that ensures top-tier performance. On display will be a 230-liter Custom Lauter Tun which provides testimony to the quality of their equipment.

DBT EU’s high-quality custom lauter tuns are meticulously designed, featuring dependable false bottom systems, highly efficient agitators, and advanced sparging capabilities. This meticulous design ensures the extraction of optimal wort and the production of wort of exceptional quality. With a range of customizable sizes, robust stainless steel construction, and intuitive cleaning features, their lauter tuns provide brewers with the flexibility, durability, and user-friendly attributes essential for successful brewing operations

Importance of Automation in Brewing

Automation, particularly by DBT EU with Siemens controls, revolutionizes modern brewing operations. It ensures unmatched repeatability and consistency in the brewing process, reducing the likelihood of human errors and assuring that each batch adheres to the same high standards. Furthermore, automation brings about substantial labor savings by efficiently managing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Remote monitoring and controls also allow brewers to monitor and control their operations from a distance, thereby enhancing flexibility and reducing the need for constant on-site supervision. Siemens controls, distinguished for their reliability and precision, enhance the automation process, instilling confidence in brewers that their operations will run smoothly, efficiently, and consistently, ultimately yielding a superior end product.

Meet the DBT EU Team

Visitors to the DBT EU booth will have the privilege of interacting with their European representative, Menno Brandsma, and his colleague, Grant Layman. This dynamic team is well-prepared to provide in-depth insights, answer queries, and assist attendees in finding the ideal solutions for their unique brewing needs.

What You Can Learn at BrauBeviale

BrauBeviale serves as an invaluable resource for industry professionals to acquire knowledge on the latest trends, breakthrough innovations, and emerging technologies in the realm of brewing. Attendees have the opportunity to master the art of brewing, comprehend the intricacies of brewing equipment, and stay current with best practices. Furthermore, BrauBeviale hosts the prestigious European Beer Star Award event, where the finest brews from across Europe are celebrated and showcased.

In conclusion, BrauBeviale is the preeminent event for anyone associated with the brewing industry. It offers an expansive platform for learning, networking, and discovering innovations. An essential part of the show is the DBT EU booth, which stands as a symbol of quality, reliability, and innovation in the brewing and processing sector. If you’re looking to elevate your brewing business, BrauBeviale and the DBT EU booth are Important stops on your journey towards brewing excellence.

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