Heist Brewery inside venue

A Case Study: When Heist Met Deutsche

Remember those pre-pandemic years, when the beer industry looked slightly different, but the customers, who we value so greatly, were out in mass?  Remember the year 2016?  It was during those glory days that the team of Heist Brewery found their way to Deutsche Beverage’s doors—unmasked. They were searching for a solution to the problem that many wish to suffer from; they were growing— rapidly—and needed to expand their tank capacity fast. 

Heist is now found in two locations: North Davidson Avenue and Woodward Avenue in Charlotte, NC.  They are now well known for their Night and Day Festival that brings together thirty different breweries and meaderies for the enjoyment of the locals. At the time of their first interaction with Deutsche, though, Kurt Hogan and his team were focused on the original brewpub, founded in 2012.  As their customer base continued to grow, throughout those first four years, it was evident that the fancy for Heist brews and foods wasn’t a passing fad.  It was also clear that their equipment wasn’t up to the task of meeting consumer demand.  They needed more beer, which meant they needed more tanks.

Hogan had an existing relationship with an equipment supplier, and he easily could have returned to that manufacturer of their original tanks, but we are very pleased that he decided to shop around, and so is he.  After all, Deutsche does one thing better than the rest—we customize.  Buying more tanks would have been easy enough, albeit no cheap feat. For a more reasonable price tag, though, Deutsche Beverage made the trek across the city to Heist to plan out a system of tanks that would fit the space– and their needs perfectly. They got exactly what they desired, while saving money.

Kurt Hogan of Heist Brewing

“It does exactly what we want it to.  They really fine-tuned it, so we get everything we wanted to get out of this system.” – Kurt Hogan

The personalization of the product is only the first step in the tailored-made treatment that is Deutsche Beverage’s business model.  Hogan and his team are now widely known and recognized by our team.  They are, in essence, a part of the Deutsche family. Our service crew and engineers greet and meet them with understanding, prepared to address needs as they arise. 

“The customer service was great all along the way. We’ve never had an issue that hasn’t been fixed in basically hours, maybe a day.” – Kurt Hogan

It’s not purely selfless, of course—if their equipment is down, we can’t get our favorite Heist brews!